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Security has become a major feature in car management applications from major car manufacturers such as Tesla, GM and VolkswagenIn order not to be left behind, Ford is introducing intrusion detection for its FordPass smart app.

System – renamed to SecuriAlert After its launch as “Guard Mode” on commercial vehicles – it’s rolling out to connected car owners for the first time.

Once you activate the feature, it sends an instant notification to your phone if you notice unexplained input, including attempts to open doors or access with a key, he said. Ford The latter option is particularly useful for identifying attempts to access a vehicle using a cloned or stolen key that, more broadly, can simply alert you if

Your car alarm is triggered whether you are close to it or far away.

If SecuriAlert is turned on, it will show you an app FordPass Activity time and reason, along with the vehicle’s last known location, of course, the system is best when you are away from your vehicle and should be disabled when you return to it.

Available SecuriAlert Now as part of FordPass’s suite of connected features, a set of which has been made free to customers starting in 2019.

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