Watch.. Coincidentally, a famous and media artist known as “Mohamed Salah” gathered on the beach


Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian sports media, Shaima Saber, shared a photo of the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, on a beach on the northern coast of Egypt.

Shaima Saber commented on the photo, on her personal page on Twitter: “A beautiful coincidence that brought us together with the pride of the humble and virtuous Arabs, Mohamed Salah.”

The artist, Diana Hisham, also published a photo with Salah in the same place, and explained that she met him by chance.

And she commented on her picture on her personal page with “Instagram”: “It is an honor for me (to meet you)” and added the tag of the heart.

And the player, Mohamed Salah, had published a picture through his official accounts on social networking sites, during his vacation through his official account on “Instagram”, and he appeared alone in one of the beaches where he spends his summer vacation after the end of the football season in England.


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