Watch.. a sudden reaction from Saudi citizens who were treated badly at Chef Burak’s restaurant in Dubai


Al-Marsad newspaper: Activists on the social networking site circulated a video clip of the behavior of citizens who were badly treated by one of the receptionists at Chef Burak’s restaurant in Dubai, where they left twice the amount written in the check, then left the food without touching it and left the restaurant.

The video showed the citizen leaving 1500 dirhams as a gift, even though their account was only 793 without eating anything from it, and the citizen commented: “We object to the bad handling of Burak Restaurant. We did not eat this food or anything.”

The citizen sent a message to Chef Burak, saying: “We have received you from Saudi Arabia as guests, and unfortunately we received a very bad reception from one of the female employees. I can’t mention the name… It is our best love for you that you choose a distinguished staff to receive customers.”

He continued, “Of course, we asked for food, but we did not eat anything from it, and our account was 793 dirhams. We counted 1500. My advice to you is to choose the right crew.”


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