Watch… a “strange” celebration for Russian women on the field with a historic achievement



Watch.. Celebration

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The Russian women’s rugby team-7 achieved a historic achievement by qualifying for the first time in its history to the Summer Olympics, postponed from last year, due to the Corona pandemic “Covid-19”.

The Russian team made its way to the 32nd edition of the Summer Olympics “Tokyo 2020”, which is scheduled to be held from July 23 to August 8, after well-deserved victory over Samoa (29-0), Mexico (55-0), Argentina ( 41-7) in the group stage, and then again on Samoa (29-0) in the playoffs, and on Kazakhstan (38-0).

The women of Russia celebrated in their own way this historic achievement on the court with acrobatics, and formed a bicycle to take them to Tokyo.

It is noteworthy that the traditional rugby game (15 players or players against 15) was part of the Olympic program at the beginning of the last century, during the period between 1900 and 1924, and the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union team had not yet participated in it, and rugby returned to the Olympic program again in the Olympics “Rio 2016”, but not the traditional one, but a rugby game in which only 7 players participate.

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