Watch: A resounding scandal rocks Saudi Arabia… The MBC promotes drinking alcohol!!


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Through the “Ninth News” program, the Saudi channel broadcast its report, which came under the pretext of warning against the phenomenon of the spread of fraudulent liquor in the Kingdom, where the author of the report appeared talking about liquor with a kind of promotion when he said that it “improves the mood”, at the same time he warned of the types fraudulent, calling on the Saudis to be careful to differentiate between them.

During the report, the “mbc” met with Dr. Muhammad Al-Halil, a consultant in emergency medicine and toxicology at King Abdulaziz Medical City, to warn against intoxicants that are not “original” and “saleable”, addressing those who consume intoxicants by saying, “You are not at fault, but the fault is from cheating, producing and promoting!” .

The pioneers of social networking sites transmitted the report and the interview with the doctor in a state of resentment and anger on the one hand against the Saudi authorities, and on the other hand, at the management of the channel that promotes corruption under the pretext of liberation and openness within Saudi society, which was established by Crown Prince “Mohammed bin Salman” with the aim of stripping the identity of the Saudi Muslim. And who was not and will not be able to reach power until after the Saudi person is stripped of his identity and transformed into another human being.

A Saudi writer and journalist had previously demanded to allow the sale of alcohol in the kingdom, which sparked a wave of anger, and Jamal Bannoun asked: “Why do we not sell alcohol in supermarkets in order to eliminate the black market, manipulation, fraud, blackmail and illicit profiteering,” adding, “It is personal freedom.” For those who wish to take it under certain conditions, discipline and restrictions.”

Promoting the idea of ​​selling alcohol in the Kingdom sparked widespread controversy on social media, and Saudi tweets expressed their anger at the idea of ​​asking such a question in a Muslim country that forbids everything related to alcoholic beverages, as well as this country’s care for the Two Holy Mosques and the privacy of the matter. The head of the Saudi Tourism Authority, Ahmed Al-Khatib, previously denied the controversy, the kingdom’s intention to allow the import of alcoholic beverages and lift the ban on their circulation on its lands.

And Abdul Aziz bin Eid wrote in a tweet on his own account, “Health risks and may (focus on and may) lead to death. I mean, you advise not to cheat, otherwise what exactly!!!.”

And “adeeb” stressed in his tweet, “If the goal was health awareness as well as the legal ruling, it would have been warned of the dangers of alcohol in general, and then commenting on the fraudulent, that it is a first in terms of risks. Stop food fraud if you are keen on the health of the citizen.”

“Abo 7sam” said, “By God, we are not surprised that there are people who will demand liquor and their justification until we eliminate adulterated liquor.”

Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed published the report and the interview and commented: “mbc1 channel promotes drinking alcohol under the pretext of “improving the mood”, and meets with a doctor who warns against intoxicants that are not “original” and “for sale”, addressing the person who drank “fraudulent” alcohol by saying You are not the one who is at fault, rather the one who is at fault is from cheating, producing and promoting! And the huge critic is celebrating! What is the opinion of the scholars? Will you say this from the Brotherhood’s propaganda?


In turn, “Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Khairy” said sarcastically in a tweet to him, “Do you advise not to cheat, I mean? Thank you for your concern and advice.”

“A7med” tweeted, “MBC, this clip is intended. What is the purpose of publishing it? A corrupt channel. Unfortunately, its follow-up is high.”

For his part, “Khaled” tweeted, “It is your duty as Muslims to say that alcohol is (forbidden) by Sharia, and drinking it causes great danger to the mind and body, and all life becomes hell in the eye of alcohol, Flags_of_Promising_Muslim_Youth_Project.”

Al-Ghamdi asked, “Does the Ministry of Commerce receive reports of alcohol fraud, and what is the punishment? A failed report from a failed and very ridiculous channel.”

“Umm Abdulaziz” condemned the decisions of the authorities in Saudi Arabia, saying, “They surrounded their tricks with mosques and the call to prayer. With education every day, a system that is more crooked than the next … and other immorality, sin and immorality, all of them do what they want.”

He asked, “Mukhtar Maudha (Mukhtar Mawdah)” in a tweet… Where is Saudi Arabia going???!!!”

And Yaseen wrote in a tweet to him, “He killed you, Mabs. You are really a Jew, but blame the Saudi people! Yes, where are the descendants of the Companions and the Leo of the island, or did the Saud family know how to drug you with drifting and a ball?!”

And we conclude with the tweet published by the “Goldmaryam4” account, which stated, “In the sense of replacing the local adulterated liquor with imported liquor, this is secularism.”


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