Watch.. a picture that raises speculation about the connection of Yasser Al-Faisal and Yara Al-Namlah


She raised two different photos, each posted by نشر Yasser Al-Faisal Andyara the antThere is a wide debate about whether the famous couple via “Snapchat” have been romantically linked or not.

Several accounts on the “Instagram” application and website published details of two photos published by Yasser Al-Faseel and Yara Al-Namla through their official accounts on the “Snapchat” application, for the trip, which appears to be shared by them, and they were sitting on it together.

One of the accounts wrote: “Focus on the red plate above the text in the two pictures, the same food, and the tip of the fork at the top in the picture of Yara and the left in the picture of Yasser.

Controversial photo

Followers of Yasser Al-Faisal wondered if Yara Al-Namla is the “sad brown” that Yasser has long sung through his account on “Snapchat” and hinted that he prefers to be associated with a brown girl instead of a white one, and that he prefers her to have a calm personality.

yara the ant

yara the ant

Yara is one of the most famous Saudi women who broke into the world of fame by working in the world of make-up and fashion and opened the doors for Saudi women to appear in any field. Saudi Girl of the Year 2019.

Yara Al-Namla studied architecture at Prince Sultan University, then went on to work in the field of fashion and make-up, and then launched her career as a professional beautician outside her field of study.

Yasser Al-Faisal

While Yasser Al-Faisal is considered one of the hidden and controversial figures on social networking sites, and he has a wide fame that was given to him by the clips in which he criticizes a number of celebrities, and he was married to the blogger Rawda Al-Youssef before he later separated from her.

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