Washington Post: Saudi Arabia helps smuggle its citizens who commit crimes in the United States



The Washington Post said that Saudi Arabia is helping “smuggle its citizens who commit crimes in the United States through its embassy in Washington and with the help of Saudi officials and a network of American lawyers.”

The American newspaper stated in a report that among the smuggled people, most of whom are university students, are accused of murder, rape, and possession of child pornography, revealing that “a mid-level official working at the Saudi Embassy in Washington supervised that assistance through his management of a network of criminal defense lawyers.” The Americans paid to keep Saudis accused of crimes out of prison.

She explained that “this network provided traditional consular services such as arranging bail releases, providing interpreters and legal representation for people accused of violent crimes,” adding: “This network bypassed the traditional role of embassies and helped defendants evade court-ordered surveillance, and arranged for travel and flights outside the United States.

The newspaper said that the administration of US President Joe Biden recently demanded that Saudi Arabia stop helping “accused criminals escape.”

The newspaper revealed a letter sent by the official for relations with Congress in the US State Department, Naz Durakoglu, to a member of the Congressional Intelligence Committee, Ron Wyden, last March, in which she said that senior State Department officials, in meetings with their Saudi counterparts, stressed that these individuals should face trial. In the United States, any Saudi government interference with the integrity of the American criminal justice system is unacceptable.

“The Saudi government has confirmed that it has directed its foreign missions not to provide travel documents or any other support to Saudi citizens facing criminal proceedings that would help them escape from the US criminal justice system,” Davutoglu said in her letter.

Source: “Washington Post


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