Washington lifts sanctions on Iranian officials and companies


The US Treasury announced that it had “lifted the sanctions against 3 former Iranian officials and two companies, who were previously involved in the trade of Iranian petrochemical products.”

And she added, in a statement, that “lifting the sanctions on these individuals confirms our commitment to lifting the sanctions in the event of a change in the status or behavior of the sanctioned persons.”

In its statement, the Treasury did not name the former Iranian officials or the companies.

She stressed that “lifting sanctions against officials in the Iranian National Oil Corporation has nothing to do with the Vienna negotiations (with Iran) and the possibility of returning to the nuclear agreement.”

“I expect that other Iranian individuals and companies will be withdrawn from the sanctions list in the coming months and years,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a press conference.

And the “Wall Street Journal” newspaper revealed in a report that “the administration of US President Joe Biden has lifted sanctions imposed on more than 10 former Iranian officials and energy companies. She said: “The action comes amid the stalled negotiations related to the nuclear agreement with Iran.

It also quoted US officials as saying that “the measure indicates Washington’s commitment to ease a broader pressure campaign if Tehran changes its behavior.”

But Price said in his press conference: “There has been progress in the Vienna negotiations, but at the same time he emphasized that there are challenges.” He added, “I do not want to set a deadline for indirect negotiations with Iran, and we have not reached an agreement yet.”


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