Washington: Lifting sanctions on 3 former Iranian officials has nothing to do with the nuclear deal


The US government announced that it had removed the names of 3 former Iranian officials and two companies involved in the Iranian petrochemical trade from the sanctions list, due to a change in their behavior and positions, but stressed that the move had nothing to do with talks to revive the nuclear agreement.

According to the statement issued by the US Treasury Department, Thursday, June 10, these individuals and companies participated in the past in buying, selling, transporting and marketing Iranian petrochemical products, but their “behavior or status” has changed.

According to the statement, the three persons from whom the sanctions were lifted proved that they no longer hold positions in institutions affiliated with the Iranian regime.

The statement did not name the three former Iranian officials. But they appeared on the website of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury, and they are: Asmaa Ahmad Qaleh Bani, General Manager of the National Iranian Oil Company, Farzad Bazargan, General Manager of “Intertrade” in Hong Kong Intercom, and Muhammad Moini, one of the directors of trade at the Iranian Oil Trading Company. .

Charming Shipping Company and Shanghai Xing Ship Management Company were also removed from the Iran-related sanctions list.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price also stressed, in a press conference, Thursday, that the Treasury Department’s move to remove a number of Iranians from the sanctions list has nothing to do with the nuclear agreement or the ongoing talks in Vienna.

Price added: “The removal of some Iranians from the sanctions list is due to a change in their behavior and attitudes, and this action shows the United States’ commitment to the fact that if behavior changes, sanctions will be lifted.” He added, “Lifting sanctions is normal and shows the validity of the sanctions regime.”

The spokesman for the US State Department indicated that the lifting of sanctions came based on a request that was submitted and that the request was approved after expert review, adding that “such demands are presented to the government every day.”

Asked if the United States intends to lift more sanctions on Iran, Price said: “It can be expected that in the coming months and years, there will be a lifting of sanctions on other cases that will not be linked to the nuclear deal talks.”

He also stressed, in response to a question about a new report by “The Wall Street Journal” that more than 12 former Iranian officials have been removed from the sanctions list, saying that only 3 former Iranian officials and two companies have been lifted from sanctions.

Meanwhile, the State Department spokesperson noted that while the United States works with its allies to revive the nuclear deal and constrain Iran’s nuclear program, pressure on Tehran will increase if the Iranian regime provides weapons to its partners and proxy forces.

After announcing the lifting of sanctions on these two companies and three Iranians, oil prices fell in global markets temporarily. According to oil market analysts, this temporary drop in prices indicates that the possibility of increasing Iranian production may affect the market.


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