Warning strike for pharmacies owners: health security is under threat


The Pharmacy Owners Association announced a “forced cessation of work next Friday, 11/6/2021,” after they found themselves “in front of a dead end in terms of providing medicines to patients.”

In a statement, the rally launched a cry against those responsible for the crisis, adding: “We have touched the red lines, and health, drug and food security has become seriously threatened if the necessary measures are not taken to ensure that medicines and infant formula reach pharmacies to meet the needs of patients and children.”

The assembly pointed out that this will be followed by “other escalatory moves commensurate with the miserable reality that we have brought to those who are supposed to bear their responsibilities towards people’s health and their health and food security.”

The statement pointed out that pharmacies “committed to dispensing the medicines they had to their eligible patients without entering only a few, which led to empty shelves of most medicines, especially chronic medicines and antibiotic medicines necessary to treat acute cases.”

He also pointed out that “the stock of infant formula has completely run out, while we find it available on social media pages at double prices, which indicates that there are those who monopolize it in cooperation and coordination with some merchants or those who work with them.”

The head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Assem Araji, announced two days ago that “the Central Bank of Lebanon is supposed to give us a commitment to support medicine with 50 or 60 million per month.”


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