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Yesterday, Thursday, a European agency appealed to everyone who has symptoms indicating that he is infected with the emerging coronavirus, the fast-spreading virus, not to attend any matches in the European Championship (Euro 2020) for football, which begins tonight, and also urged the fans of the game to put face masks when attending matches in stadiums that allow It was attended by 50% of the total audience.

These warnings came amid fears of the spread of infection during the tournament, which was postponed last year for fear of the virus that sowed terror in hearts around the world.

The matches of the tournament, which will last for a whole month, will be held in 11 cities across the continent, while some countries have allowed the return of the public to the stands at varying rates.

Budapest will allow the public to return in a full normal way, while St. Petersburg and Baku will allow 50% of the stadiums’ capacity, while Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Rome and Seville will allow between 25 and 45%. Munich will allow a limited audience of 22%.

As for the famous “Wembley” stadium in London, where the final will be held, it will initially allow 25%.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the number of fans at the tournament matches at about half a million fans.

“In the event that events involving large gatherings, such as the European Football Championship, are organized without adequate measures to contain the infection, the risks of spreading Covid-19 infection at the local and European levels in general, including new strains, will increase,” the center said in a report.

“Anyone with symptoms that match those of Covid-19 should not attend any matches or post-match events, regardless of their vaccination status,” the report added.

The report urged the authorities in European countries to provide tests for fans near stadiums.

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