Wama team returns with a new song..Mohamed Nour reveals the details


The Egyptian artist announcedMohammed NoorOn his preparation for a new song in which he collaborates with the poetAziz Al Shafei​, through his personal account on the social networking site.
And Mohamed Nour published a set of new photos of him, which I collected with the artistAhmed Fahmy, والفنانAhmed Al Shami، والملححNader Hamdi​, poet and composer Aziz El Shafei, and distributor Touma.
Muhammad Nour commented on the pictures, saying: “WAMA summer2021​The first collaboration with the genius composer and poet Aziz Al-Shafei, and the great distributor, the artist Touma, you will hear a bomb, God willing.
This confirms the return of the “Wama” team to release songs after the band separated at an earlier stage, and each member of the band produced his singles.


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