Walid Tawfik sends a supportive message to his daughter on this occasion!


Share the Lebanese artistWaleed TawfiqThe audience, a photo that he collected with his daughter Nour, through his personal page on the social networking site, on the occasion of the opening of her own company, and her success in her career.
Walid sent a message in support of Nour, expressing his love for her and his pride in her and her brother, and wrote: “Parcouli, my daughter, Al-Qamar Nour, has a private institution in her to organize happy occasions, weddings and holidays, in the hope that all her days and yours will be joys.” He continued his speech with poignant words: “Nothing makes a father more happy than the success of his children, and they are the only ones he wishes to see more successful than him. The light of what you and your mother know and are proud of today. We are proud of your success and your insistence on charting your path. May God help you and your brother and see you always successful and happy.”

Walid Tawfik had published a video clip a while ago on his private page on the social networking site, in which he reassured the audience about the reason for his disappearance from the artistic scene and wrote: “Good morning, for all those who asked me the last period and they sang for me and they did not respond to them, I am fine and in good health. Praise be to God, but I am busy in the studio because I have a new job soon, and now I will start my sport.”


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