Walid Tawfik is eager for the audience to reveal the details of a new song he will release soon.. Video


The longing of the singer Walid Tawfik, his followers, by announcing the imminent launch of a new work for him, where he revealed the details of a new song, in a video that he posted on his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter”, in which he said: “A song that I sang on stage for a long time and I loved it a lot, called “Shafaek”. The world is in good condition.. We finished recording and distributing it with the brother, the composer, in the name of Mounir.. God willing, you will like it, and no more than an hour has passed since the first video, to publish “Tawfiq” on the “Instagram” website, part of the song, and comment on it. With “You see you.. Soon,” the introduction to the song revealed by Ragheb says, “You see you.. the world is in good condition.. I see you, the dream and your imagination.”

This comes after Walid Tawfik published – earlier – a photo that he collected with his daughter Nour, and Walid sent a message in support of Nour, in which he expressed his love for her and his pride in her and her brother, and wrote: I hope that all her days and your days will be joys.”

And he continued: “Nothing makes a father more happy than the success of his children, and they are the only ones he wishes to see more successful than him. The light of what you and your mother are. I am proud today. We are proud of your success and your insistence on charting your path. May God help you and your brother, and we see you always successful and happy.”

And the star Walid Tawfik had said in an exclusive interview with colleague Ali Al-Kashouti on Youm7 TV, that the Arab woman is oppressed in our societies and that a man should treat his wife, as he wants his daughter-in-law to treat his daughter, explaining that a man must deal with his wife as she is His daughter, sister and girlfriend, pointing out that there is no home that does not have disputes, but good treatment is the most important thing and mutual respect is a duty for everyone, and God has resolved divorce just as he permitted marriage and therefore in the event of an unresolvable dispute, a good-natured divorce is better.

Walid Tawfik continued, in his interview with Ali Kashouti on Youm7 TV, that the loss of property rights is the problem of the Arab artist, and if the artist obtains his full rights, he will live comfortably, explaining that he is currently making attempts to restore his rights to the ownership of many songs that are presented on YouTube channels and he does not receive them. Ali his rights, explaining that Israel is an “enemy” and many of them have stolen his songs, but he is resisting by presenting new works and distinguished songs with which he resists their behavior towards his songs.

Walid Tawfik is the star who was famous for his love of art and singing since his childhood and engraved his name until he became one of the most important singing stars in the Arab world, and he presented many distinguished songs and cinematic films, especially the song “Go down, beautiful in the square”, which is considered a basic song in birthday celebrations all over the world. The Arab world.


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