Walid Mansour reveals new details about “a very cold summer” | Video


Producer Walid Mansour revealed new details about the “Cocktail” album, which is preparing to be released next July, and includes 9 singles, single for 9 stars.

In a telephone interview with the artist Edward, and the media person, Nancy Magdy, on the “Cairo Today” program, Walid Mansour explained that the idea came from a cocktail CD that visitors to the city of Alexandria were buying, and its name was “Very Hot Summer”, and “Very Cold Summer” is an idea aimed Through it, it revitalizes the music industry, encourages producers to produce songs, and encourages the public to buy physical CDs again.

Walid Mansour added that the publicity plan for this project includes holding an event that includes the co-stars in a “very cold summer”, so that the event will be attended by those carrying the CD cover, which will be available in “Virgin” stores.

Walid Mansour also revealed the names of the stars and stars participating in the CD with solo songs: Ruby, Wael Jassar, Samira Saeed, Haitham Shaker, Mai Selim, Razan, Madyan, actor Mohamed Gomaa, and distributor Ahmed Ibrahim.

Walid Mansour expressed his great happiness with the success of Ruby’s latest songs, “Heta Tanieh” and “My Heart is Plastic”, and said: “This song is for every one who wants to be taken off from one. He persuaded her to sing, because she was basically refusing to sing “Hoba” and “Fastak” and we could start discussions and quarrels until I convinced her, thank God, one working 60 million, and reaching 100 million, and her second song, which she downloaded the first day of yesterday on her channel, has a million views. ”


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