Walid Mansour: “A Very Cold Summer”, 8 songs for the stars… and the most famous French artist, the guest of “Cosmo” | Video


Producer Walid Mansour revealed the features of the works that will bring him together in the coming period with stars and singing stars, including the album “A Very Cold Summer”.

During an interview with The Insider program in Arabic, Walid Mansour said: “I have a single with Wael Jassar, with Ahmed Ibrahim Singel, with Muhammad Abbas Singel or Mini Album, and with Mai Selim. The next period, people will be surprised, by making an album of 8 tracks for the stars called Very Cold Summer. .”

Walid Mansour explained that he agreed with the artist Samira Said to make one or two songs, and the project has already begun to record her voice on Track as an experiment.

Walid Mansour added that he bet on the success of Ruby’s song “Heta Tania” from the first day, as part of the “Mini Album” project, which includes 6 songs, two of which have been released so far.

Walid Mansour also explained the developments in filming the movie “Ahl Al-Kahf”, which includes a selection of stars, including Khaled Al-Nabawi, Ghada Adel, Muhammad Mamdouh, Mahmoud Hamida, Muhammad Farraj, Mustafa Fahmy, and others.

Walid Mansour said: “We finished all the decorations for Egypt, and our grocer was 4 or 5 months waiting for Morocco to open so that we could do the inspection before Al-Banna, to travel and film there from 20 to 22 days, and we return with the film and consider it finished.”

And about the movie “Cosmo”, for which he published his initial poster, and showed the name of the author Hisham Hilal, without mentioning the director or the heroes, he said: “There are two directors who I will talk to, God willing, limit them, and the two are more successful than some. We decide who the director is, we start reviewing the names to announce. And the hero of the film has already been contracted. And in a French artist who is the most famous in France, he is a guest of honor in 7 or 6 scenes.


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