Wael Kfoury appears with Shana Abboud at a wedding and speculation increases about their association


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The duo’s name is still Wael Kfoury and Shana Abboud Social media is at the forefront of news about their relationship, which increased after they appeared again together at a wedding.

Wael Kfoury and Shana Abboud at a wedding

The artist, Wael Kfoury, appeared at his friend’s wedding in a Beirut hotel, and Shana Abboud was accompanied by him, which attracted the attention of the public.

The Lebanese star drew attention with his handsomeness and classic suit while singing at the wedding, and Shana Abboud was next to him in all her elegance, and the pioneers of social networking sites shared the videos in which Shana Abboud appeared with Wael Kfoury, and some considered it an announcement by Wael Kfoury that there is something that binds them together.

Wael Kfoury’s affair news

Despite the rumors about Wael Kfoury and Shana Abboud’s relationship And her appearance on many occasions together two years ago, but the Lebanese star adhered to the matter and did not say the truth of the matter and what unites them.

It started publishing the Lebanese poet Habib Abou Antoine, in a sudden move, a picture of the artist Wael Kfoury She gathers him with a girl, through the story feature on his official account in the Instagram application.

وعلق Habib Abu Antoine on the photo: “Oh, moon that shines in astronomy, according to astronomers, the kingdom wants a king, and the king wants a queen,” which revealed to everyone that this beautiful young woman is a sweetheart. Wael Kfoury new.
As soon as the photo was published on social networking sites, some commentators circulated that the one who appeared in the photo was “Shana Abboud” and that her relationship with Wael Kfoury was not new.

What confirmed the matter was the Lebanese poet Habib Abu Antoine’s re-publishing of many of the news circulated in the newspapers about the published photo of the artist Wael Kfoury and his girlfriend, on his personal page on “Facebook” .

The truth about the artist Wael Kfoury’s relationship

Shana Abboud appeared on more than one occasion with the artist Wael KfouryAnd some newspapers published that their relationship began nearly two years ago, but it went through many ups and downs, punctuated by periods of separation before they returned and prepared to announce the engagement soon.

However, in the midst of the widespread controversy, the Lebanese artist remained silent without revealing the truth of the matter and whether he was actually connected or not, especially since he is known for his strict discretion about the details of his private life and the lack of public participation in it, which caused many rumors to pursue him about his association with stars and media professionals from time to time

On the other hand, there were some reports that Wael Kfoury and Shana Abboud are just friendship and that there is no connection that will be announced soon, and that all that was published are just wishes from some of his friends, including what was published by the poet Habib Bou Antoine to urge him to link after his divorce from his wifeAngela Bishara in 2018.

Who is Shana Abboud?

According to the information circulated, including what was published on the “Frankly” website, Shana Aboud moved to live in a house close to Wael Kfoury during the quarantine period and became close to him and his family.

Some said that the love story began in this period and gradually developed into a relationship years after his separation from his first wife.

Some websites reported that Shana Abboud was previously married and separated from her husband and already met the two daughters of artist Wael Kfoury while they were at home together.


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