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Hospital auditors complained about not including vitamin examinations and their treatment within the insurance coverage of most packages, calling on the concerned authorities to find a solution to this problem, especially after the country’s health authorities emphasized its importance in strengthening the immune system in the face of “Corona”, while the Dubai Health Authority confirmed that it is studying the inclusion of examinations and treatment. Vitamins included in insurance coverage.

The Executive Director of the Dubai Health Insurance Corporation, Saleh Al Hashemi, said: “Given the importance of obtaining vital vitamins for the body, especially with the increasing need for them to strengthen the immune system during the “Corona” pandemic, and because they are not included in most insurance packages, the authority is currently studying its inclusion in all insurance packages. The necessary measures will be taken to achieve this step as soon as possible.”

Finally, the health authorities in the country recommended the necessity of periodic examination of vitamin D to ensure that it does not decrease, stressing the importance of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc, to strengthen the immune system and help the body in preventing infectious diseases, including the prevention of “contagious diseases.” Covid-19”, while studies have shown that a deficiency of one of these elements in the body may make the body more susceptible to disease, due to the important role of these elements in strengthening the immune system in the human body.

Family medicine consultant, Dr. Adel Sejwani, stressed the importance of every person’s keenness to always achieve a balance in the levels of vitamins in his body, especially vital vitamins such as vitamin D, which is important in bone formation and safety, enhancing immunity, as well as mental health.

He pointed out that it is best to get vitamin D from natural sources, such as exposure to sunlight between five to seven minutes a day, or from natural food sources.

He pointed out that some insurance companies cover the examination and treatment of vitamins for therapeutic reasons only, while some require early tests to avoid deficiency in the body, in which case the patient is forced to pay the full cost without insurance coverage.

He stressed the need for insurance companies to have facilities in covering vitamin examinations and treatment, especially during the “Corona” pandemic, because of the importance of this in strengthening the immune system in the face of disease.

Family medicine consultant, Dr. Mansour Habib, called on insurance companies to include the examination and treatment of vitamins in all insurance packages, especially during the “Corona” pandemic, noting that the companies view them as preventive and not curative nutritional preparations.

He added, “I suggest that insurance companies specify an annual amount within the insurance package for vitamins and examinations and treatment, to prevent abuse of this service, to be provided only in case of need.”

Patients and hospital auditors, Mahmoud Jaber, Ibrahim El-Sayed, Ayat Mahmoud, Mohamed El-Sayed, demanded the necessity of including vitamin examinations and treatment within the insurance coverage of all packages at all health insurance companies, as they demand payment of sums of money that sometimes exceed their capabilities, in exchange for this service Especially with the growing need for these nutritional supplements during the “Corona” pandemic to support their immunity.

They stressed that they urgently need to go to centers and hospitals to conduct periodic checks to constantly measure the rates and percentages of vitamins in their bodies, and to treat the deficient ones, instead of taking them without tests and jeopardizing their health, which insurance companies reject except for a medical necessity.

The partner and managing director of Cogent Reinsurance Brokerage Company, Dr. Hazem Al-Mady, said that “the concept of insurance is based on compensating the insured for the risks and damages that have already occurred, and therefore preventive measures are not necessarily covered,” noting that preventive matters are benefits that may occur. It is added to the health insurance policy if the beneficiary so requests, for an additional cost, or a specific health insurance program.

And the past indicated that vitamin D deficiency is a disease that has serious repercussions, and therefore insurance companies cover this and agree to dispense the drug to the insured within a treatment protocol, but the risk must occur, that is, the insured already has a deficiency in this vitamin. The level of the vitamin is natural in the body. Here we are talking about preventive measures, and therefore insurance companies do not cover this under the terms of the document and the concept on which insurance is based.

a precaution

The General Manager of Gateway International Assurance Company (insurance agents), George Al-Ashkar, said that “a large part of the insurance policies of individuals in the local market cover conducting tests to detect vitamin D, and dispensing medication to the insured if it is found that he suffers from a deficiency in The vitamin, but if the levels are normal, we are talking about a preventive measure, which may be included in some insurance policies.”

Al-Ashqar stated that the basic insurance packages do not cover testing for the detection of the vitamin, and therefore this examination cannot be carried out under their insurance policy, indicating that in the event that the health authorities consider the necessity of this vitamin in the body, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances imposed by the “Covid-” pandemic 19, “Insurance companies can be obligated to cover the examination, in exchange for companies resorting to raising the policy price ceiling.

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