Video showing a truck driving “reverse traffic” in Saudi Arabia


Days after the first human infection with the “H10N3” bird flu strain was recorded in China, last Tuesday, Saudi Arabia banned the import of poultry meat, table eggs and their products from certain regions in France, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).Was).

And the Food and Drug Authority issued a decision imposing a temporary ban on the import of poultry meat, table eggs, their products and equipment from the regions of the Landes, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Gers in France, after it had banned imports from the city of AINT GEOURS DE MAREMNE, due to the outbreak of the disease there.

The authority justified its decision that it came after reviewing the report issued by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), regarding the registration of new outbreaks of bird flu in those areas.

An exception is made from the temporary ban on poultry meat, table eggs and their heat-treated products that are capable of eliminating the bird flu virus, provided that a health certificate issued by the competent authorized authorities in France proves that the product is free of the virus.

And the National Health Commission in Beijing had announced the emergence of the first human case of a rare strain of bird flu called “H10N3”, which is a 41-year-old Chinese man.

The Commission said that “H10N3” is a strain of low pathogenicity meaning that it does not cause serious diseases in poultry and is unlikely to spread quickly.

In turn, the World Health Organization confirmed, to “Reuters”, that “there is currently no indication of human-to-human transmission of infection.”


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