Video- Rosana Al-Yami appears in swimsuits in Saudi Arabia and is criticized


The media was exposedSaudi​ ​Rozana Al YamiA wave of sharp criticism from followers on social media, after she published a video clip of her in which she appeared in a swimsuit while she was in a swimming pool in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Rosana responded to the criticism, expressing her dissatisfaction with the interference of followers in her private life, and said: “This is the video in which I encouraged tourism in Bayadah, and they say that the controversy has raised you, and where the controversy has a right to something more important than me to talk about.”
And she continued, “On this occasion, I will see Whiteness again, with a ball, and not with an enemy.”
To watch Rosana Al Yami’s video, which sparked controversy, watch the report in the attached video.

Rosana Al-Yami caused a sensation through social networking sites, after the spread of a picture of her, in which she appeared with a young man embracing him, in addition to videos and photos of a table, and attached it to the comment: “A singles’ trip on the last day of celibacy”, especially after circulating news that she is in a romantic relationship, after Less than a month after her divorce.
After this uproar, Rosana responded to the intruders on her private life, and said: “Fear God in people’s symptoms, my brothers, I thought my new love!…For the millionth time, the subject of my relationship and my future life partner is not a subject for discussion, and my marital life will be private for me, my husband and my family only.”
But Rosana’s statement aroused the ridicule of the followers, who accused her of deliberately publishing these photos and provoking controversy, in order to lead the trend, in addition to that she deliberately responded late, to stir up a media storm around her.

In February 2021, Rosana Al-Yami announced her separation from her husband, with pictures in which she replied to her followers on her personal page on the social networking site, and one of the followers had asked her, saying: “Is it true that you separated from your husband?” What prompted Rosana to respond to her, saying: “Oh, we broke up… and soon, God willing, he will conclude the divorce procedures.”,
And she added in her response to another follow-up, who had expressed her sadness at Rosana’s separation from her husband, saying: “This is a share.. God writes good for me and writes him good and compensates us with the best and helps each one of us with his new life.”


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