Video Najwa Karam cries heartily after remembering an influential situation with her father on the “Al-Dunya taught me” program


Cairo – Dot Gulf Monday, June 07, 2021 – 03:51

Najwa Karam was a guest on the program “The World taught me” on the channel mbcOn the program, she revealed several secrets about her private and artistic life, and remembered situations from her beginnings and childhood, and other influential positions from her late father.

Najwa Karam leads the trend after the episode “The World Teach Me”

And the artist, Najwa Karam, remembered in her episode of the “Al-Dunya taught me” program, her late father and what she learned from him in her childhood and beginnings. Be a knot for any future man who wants to associate with her, and warn her of the difficulties that she will face in the work of art.

Najwa Karam cries heartily because of an influential situation with her late father

Najwa Karam said that her father also warned her that she could not live her life simply like any girl because of her choice of artwork, and that he opposed her in that matter because of his fear for her and stipulated that his name remain raised, and Najwa Karam cried while remembering an influential situation with her father, and said that people They recognized him as Najwa Karam’s father, and on one occasion he looked at her with burning and a lump inside of him and said to her, “Shalhatili is my name” because the public called him Najwa Karam’s father and not by his name.

Najwa Karam’s statements in “The World Teach Me”

Najwa Karam added in her statements that she sang and did not know that her voice was beautiful, but she believed that she must serve her country and her cause and considered her voice her cause, and said that she learned from her mother how to sacrifice, after she moved with her to another place, which made her feel missing everyone she left Najwa Karam stated that in 1994 she dreamed of dancing in space with the stars, and then came back and fulfilled her dream and designed a dress like the one she saw in the dream and sang it in a party on the most important theaters, and it was a party of a lifetime for her.

Najwa Karam topped the Twitter trend after her episode on the “Al-Dunya taught me” program, and because of the audience’s interaction with her influential statements and her recollection of her beginnings and her late father, at a time when Najwa Karam is preparing to perform a new concert in Riyadh with the artist Majid Al Mohandes, next Friday, June 11, The Four Seasons Hotel in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, organized by Rotana and sponsored by the General Entertainment Authority.

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