Video.. Jamal Suleiman reveals the relationship of “The Peacock” to the “Vermont” case


The Syrian artist Jamal Suleiman confirmed that the series “The Peacock” is the idea of ​​the Egyptian author Mohamed Nair and the work group only, and has nothing to do with any other issue.

This came during his meeting, on Saturday, on the “One of the People” program, presented by the journalist Amr El-Leithi, and broadcast on the Egyptian Al-Hayat channel.

During the episode, Amr El-Leithi asked a series of questions about the series “The Peacock”, which was shown during the last Ramadan season, and sparked a wave of great controversy at the time of its presentation, and about its relationship to the famous Vermont case in Egypt.

Jamal Suleiman confirmed that the series has nothing to do with any issue seen before public opinion, and he said: “You and I and all people have long been reading tales and stories that intersect and resemble in Vermont something that happened 5 years ago, when the writer writes this is in your subconscious.”

And about his interpretation of the link that occurred in public opinion between the series and the Vermont case, he said: “I do not have a firm answer on this subject, but we return to the social media. In one, he worked very hard, the series is still exposed, when the promo came down and the lawyer’s words were a full-fledged rape crime. He brought the picture of the wonderful artist Sahar Al-Sayegh and the picture of one of the victims of Vermont and put the two pictures together, and said the series tells the story of this girl.

The artist, Jamal Suleiman, considered the statement of the Supreme Media Council about keeping the complaint submitted in the series, free advertising in the millions for him, especially in the absence of a budget for advertising, and described this as “generosity from our Lord.”

The Syrian artist revealed the character he wishes to embody, saying: “I myself am working as Ibn Khaldun, a great personality who deserves to make a series about him…Syrian artists in general are haunted by history.”

It is noteworthy that Jamal Suleiman embodied in the series “The Peacock” the character of the lawyer Kamal Al-Ostool, and the series stars Samiha Ayoub, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Heba Abdel-Ghani, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Khaled Alish, Abed Anani, Muhannad Hosni, Ahmed Imam, and Halim, Farah Al-Zahid, Dana Hamdan, Karim Al-Dalil’s script and dialogue, written by Muhammad Nair, and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.


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