Video- Amira Al-Nasser shocked the followers with this change in her appearance


The star of Saudi social networking sites appearedPrincess of NasserShe wears the niqab for the first time, which sparked controversy and shock among her followers.
Amira published a video on her account on the social networking site, accompanied by her husband​Mishaal Al-KhalidiThe niqab, indicating that she will not abandon it, and will adhere to it during the coming period.
Amira recounted the story of her wearing the niqab in the video, saying: “My brother, may God have mercy on him, came to me in a dream, and I was walking with him while I covered my face, so I decided to wear the niqab and be covered.”
Her husband replied to her: “I mean, what are you going to take off?”, to answer: “No, I will never take it off or leave it.”

Social networking sites were buzzing with news of a traffic accident in which the duo, Amira Al-Nasser and Mishaal Al-Khalidi, were exposed to video clips that appeared after Amira collapsed and cried because of her car crash.
The pioneers of these sites launched the hashtag “Mishaal and Amira Incident,” which topped the trend on social media, and Amira Al-Nasser appeared in a video that she shared on her official account, crying over the explosion and crash of her car and her husband, stressing that everyone in the car survived, but the vehicle was completely destroyed, and Amira said in the video Praise be to God, we had an accident and got out safely, but the car was gone. The car was dead, which caused her to fall into a fit of crying, while her husband, Mishaal, rushed to console her and calm her down. He went to her, saying: “Praise be to God, she came in the iron, we have no money to compensate.”
But the truth is that the story of the accident was not believed by many activists, so opinions were divided between those who considered that Amira and Khaled used to make pranks, and those who believed the video and offered condolences.


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