Video- A Saudi blogger announces that she was bullied after her picture with her ex-husband spread


The Saudi blogger “Dodo” revealed that she was bullied by some pioneers of social networking sites, after the spread of her picture with her ex-Kuwaiti artist Mohammed Al-Serafi, during the past days.
“Dodo” said, in a video clip published by Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan on her official page on “Instagram”, that there is an old picture of her with her ex-husband that was widely circulated on social media platforms, and she received many negative comments on this picture, expressing her admiration for these Saying, “Do you not have any old photos?”

The Saudi blogger confirmed that her divorced artist, Muhammad Al-Serafy, is a respected person and they still have a relationship after his separation from her, and they are still communicating together, following up: “All the best brings us together, and what I saw from Muhammad was nothing but all the good, and I saw nothing but respect from him.”

She responded to the accusations leveled by some social media pioneers about a secret relationship she had with Al-Serafi after the separation, saying: “Some people tell me how to communicate with each other after the divorce?” She asked: “Should the communication be not good?”

She indicated that she married Muhammad al-Sirafi according to the Sunnah of God and His Messenger, and he came to Saudi Arabia to ask for her hand from her family, and the photo was taken during their marriage, continuing: “Daughters of origins do not think about the way they accuse them and Muhammad of it.”

Muhammad Al-Serafy had said in television statements with May Al-Aidan through her program “Account Statement” that his marriage to “Dodo” did not last more than two months, and despite that, the relationship between them continues so far without any problems, because she is a “good person.”


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