Video.. A consultant enumerates the advantages of the allocation system and details of the end of service benefit


Adel Al-Harbi (echo):

Counselor Abdullah Al-Faisaly confirmed that the process of transforming the privatization system, which is expected to be applied in some government sectors, will not face any difficulties.

Al-Fasili explained that the beginning of the privatization experiment was in 1421 AH, when the Ministry of “Telegraph, Post and Telephone” turned into a telecommunications company, and the experiment proved to be successful.

Al-Fasaili said that employees covered by the program will find many benefits, as the retired employee is guaranteed to receive 16% of his basic salary during his service period, with no more than a salary of 4 months, and this is an end-of-service gratuity.

He pointed out that the program will give the public sector an opportunity to focus on other tasks that were not allocated, allowing it to raise its productivity, after the tasks assigned to it were reduced.

He also pointed out that the employee of the body targeted for privatization will receive in return for his leave balance, as he will be compensated according to the applicable system for no more than 6 months.


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