“Venus is alive” .. New analysis indicates “a strange thing inside Earth’s twin”


Royal memoirist Robert Lacey said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton did not speak to Prince Harry after the funeral of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, last April, for fear of leaking the conversation.

To complete the task, their cousin Peter Phillips separated William and Harry until he walked between them during the funeral procession, Lacey wrote in the updated version of his book “Brotherhood Battle: William and Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Turmoil,” due out Thursday. and published The Times Excerpts, Tuesday.

But the two brothers were filmed talking together after the funeral, with some media speculating that it was a conversation that could signal the end of the feud.

Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the rest of the royal family further deteriorated in March, when a member of the family, who did not mention his name, was accused of making racist comments. They also said during an interview with Oprah that Meghan’s pleas for help when she felt suicidal have been ignored.

Lacey described reports of a two-hour family meeting to reconcile after the funeral as “false.”

Only 30 guests attended the funeral at St George’s Chapel on April 17 due to COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

“After calling Charles, who was headed to Wales where he was in mourning at his home in Landover, William and Kate returned to Kensington Palace together to put the children to bed,” Lacey wrote.

“They told their friends there was no point in talking to Harry, because any discussion would go straight back to Meghan to be leaked via Oprah Winfrey…”

It was the first time that Prince Harry met the royal family after his interview with Oprah, where he said that some family members made racist comments about his son’s skin color before he was born.


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