Vaccination of workers against corona in mid-June


Seiko Hashimoto, president of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee, said that workers at the Olympic Games will be vaccinated from the middle of this month.

Hashimoto added that journalists will not share housing during the Olympics, according to Reuters.

She pointed out that it will be confirmed via “GPS” that journalists do not reach the places where they were not allowed.

An opinion poll showed that more than 80% of Japanese citizens oppose hosting the Olympic Games this year, which reflects a growing public rejection about 10 weeks before the start of these games.

But the head of the committee denied in a statement that the Olympics will be postponed again.

This comes at a time when Japan is facing a fourth wave of the Corona virus, and is organizing this postponed session from last year this summer, amid popular rejection, saying that its establishment may lead to more infection.


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