Urgent.. 2.6 billion dirhams, UAE stock liquidity in two sessions


Two sessions in the UAE stock markets recorded 2.6 billion dirhams since the beginning of the week, as the UAE financial markets maintained their cohesion for the second day in a row, despite the natural partial profit-taking operations that some of the shares that achieved strong increases in the past days, which contributed to the general indicators remaining close to approx previous levels.

Despite the profit-taking operations, liquidity continued to flow into the trading halls, as the value of deals concluded in today’s session exceeded about 1.4 billion dirhams, which raised the total value of deals to 2.6 billion dirhams in two sessions.

The general index of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange settled at the level of 6615 points, while the general index of the Dubai Financial Market closed at 2847 points.

The daily monitoring of transactions shows that a segment of the shares witnessed good activity, which contributed to the markets maintaining their strength and their ability to return to resume the march of the rise of its global indices.

Aldar’s share witnessed good activity, as it rose to the level of 3.81 dirhams, amid trading worth 264 million dirhams, and the Etisalat share rose to 22.18 dirhams.

The total value of transactions registered in the capital market today reached 1.192 billion dirhams, and the number of traded shares was 173 million shares executed through 3,234 deals.

In the Dubai Financial Market, Emaar shares rose to 4.12 dirhams, with transactions worth more than 50 million dirhams, and Emaar Malls shares rose to 2.04 dirhams, in addition to the closed market share at 1.18 dirhams.

The value of the deals in the Dubai market reached 175 million dirhams, and the number of traded shares was 115 million, executed through 2510 deals.


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