Updated.. 6 special deals on Saudi Aramco and “Fiber Time” with 203.6 million riyals


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Saudi stock market, “Tadawul”, witnessed, during today’s session, the implementation of 6 special deals, with a total value of 203.6 million riyals, through 4.25 million shares.

According to the data of the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul”, a special deal was executed on Saudi Aramco for 106.05 million riyals, with a trading volume of 3 million shares, at a price of 35.35 riyals.

The “Fitness Time” share witnessed the implementation of 5 deals with a total value of 97.56 million riyals, through 1.25 million shares, at a price of 77.80 riyals for all deals.

And special deals are the orders that are executed through an agreement between a seller investor and a buyer investor on specific securities, at a specified price, in accordance with the controls (Tadawul) and the regulations of the Capital Market Authority.

Private deals do not affect the price of the last deal, the highest and lowest price of the stock, the opening price, the closing price, the market index, or sectors indices, while they affect the trading quantities and values.


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