“Universal Control” .. a new feature from “Apple” to transfer content between several devices


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During its multi-day Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced a new feature that allows you to transfer content between your Mac computer and more than two devices, including the iPad, using a single mouse and keyboard.

Apple said during the conference that the feature, called “Universal Control”, will be built into the Mac OS X Monterey operating system, the latest operating system from Apple that will power Mac computers.

For example, if you need to finish an illustration on an iPad, you’ll be able to transfer the content to your Mac laptop or iMac desktop computer.

The new feature will also allow users to drag and drop files between a Mac computer and an iPad without the need for any settings.

It is worth noting that the Mac OS Monterey operating system is currently undergoing testing, and it is expected to be available to users by next fall, according to the CNET website.


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