Uniforia.. Get to know the Euro 2020 ball


The European Championship begins tomorrow, Friday.Euro 2020In its sixteenth edition, which will continue until July 11, with the participation of 24 teams, after being postponed for a whole year due to the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic, the championship matches will be held in 11 stadiums in various European countries.

The “Euro 2020” matches will be held, as is customary in the last tournaments, with a ball designed by one of the famous sportswear companies, and the ball in the current version is called “Uniforia”.

The ball used in “Euro 2020”, “Uniforia” was revealed in November of 2019, after the tournament was supposed to be held last year, but finally the tournament appears for the Tour this summer.

The ball features a design with bold black brush strokes throughout the entire ball, symbolizing the blurring of borders between European countries, crossing borders as a reflection of the competition’s new transcontinental format.

These broad strokes are punctuated by flashes of bright pastel colours, representing the diversity of heroism and the intersection of different cultures.

The European Nations competitions will start on Friday evening, with the Italian and Turkish teams facing each other at nine in the evening at the “Olympico” stadium, in the first group matches of the tournament.


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