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Many believe that using a skin moisturizer is enough to protect and care for it, especially those who are still in their 20s, but dermatologists and experts confirm that it is completely far from health, and that moisturizing cream is not enough, but the girl must adopt a complete skin care program, and focus Especially on the eye area, and that she should not wait to feel that she has started to need that, it means that she is really late.

There are many reasons to start protecting the area around the eye, whether because it is more thin, sensitive and less thick than the rest of the face, or because it is one of the areas that most reflects skin fatigue and pallor. Because this part of the skin is more affected by external symptoms, in addition to being drier due to the scarcity of the sebaceous glands in it, which means it needs moisturizing, in order to delay the appearance of wrinkles and small lines around the eye, in addition, this area suffers from a daily effort, as the eye muscle is permanent. Movement, and all these reasons make this area one of the areas of the face that needs special care, and the adoption of products with important, main and specialized formulations, and textures and compositions that are easy to absorb.

months commitment

With the presence of many eye creams, whether expensive or economic, doctors advise to be careful to choose products that contain a number of important substances, such as “caffeine”, which works to shrink the area and reduce puffiness, by shrinking blood vessels and reducing swelling. From inflammation and irritation, in addition to compounds that enhance hydration, protect against infections and others, with care to adhere to them for a period of no less than three to four months.

Precious but useful?

Dermatologists and experts confirm that the high price of products does not mean that they are useful, as their price does not determine their effectiveness as much as the materials they contain, as there are many affordable options that contain enough main materials to obtain the desired results.

Often the main reason for the high price of some eye creams is the external appearance, texture, and distinctive smell, but that does not mean that they are better, as most of the high-cost materials are unimportant secondary materials, and creams with aromatic scents may have an allergic effect, Which means more problems under the eye.


Here is a set of combinations that should be available in eye care creams:

■ Anti-inflammatories: that protect skin cells from damage, treat them from wrinkles and the effect of aging, and work to enlighten the skin, and prevent environmental damage to it, as eye care products must contain (vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid).

■ Hyaluronic acid or ceramides: These substances moisturize the skin, by trapping water inside it, which helps fill wrinkles.

■ “Retinol”: This formula of vitamin A stimulates collagen, which reduces and prevents the effect of small lines and wrinkles.

■ “Peptide”: If the skin suffers from wilting and sagging in the area under the eyes, this compound is considered essential, as its anti-aging formula works to raise the proportion of collagen and elastin, which in turn work to tighten the sagging skin.

■ “Niacinamide” or kojic acid: These substances work to lighten and lighten dark circles, as they slow the pace of pigmentation production, but they will not be useful if the cause of dark circles is staying up late and lack of sleep, and the only solution will be to get enough of sleep.

• The high price of the products does not mean that they are useful, and many options are affordable.

• Whenever the area under the eye is tired, dark and not fresh, the face appears with the same characteristics.

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