Uncover the events of the Steelrising story that puts us in an alternate history of the French Revolution


Steelrising takes place in fictional events from history during the French Revolution, and today we got new details about the game’s story during the IGN Expo.

In a new official presentation of the story, the developer showed us his idea of ​​a fictional Paris different from reality in that period of time during the year 1789, and instead of the events of the French Revolution taking place as we all know we see in the events of this game King Louis XVI build an army of robots to stop revolution.

This results in mass crimes against the general public, and in the midst of all this chaos, the player participates in these events in the role of a character called Aegis, one of the fighting robots that turned on her factory and became a protection guard for the character of Marie-Antoinette, and thus the role of the player is to confront what is full of robots and machines in Paris Violent defeat and powerful enemies control the city.

Of course, this fictional alternative story of French history leaves a lot of interesting questions that the developer has not talked about at the moment, but may reveal more details at a later time.

Don’t forget to follow the IGN website for more on the IGN Expo as part of our Summer of Gaming coverage this month, including coverage of E3 2021.


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