Ubisoft changes name to Quarantine, will introduce another Rainbow Six extraction at E3


The Six rainbow The franchise has gone through many exercises, and the next branch will be called Excerpted from the bow six. It was previously called Six arch closure, the game It will be discovered in Ubisoft Forward. Ubisoft released a trailer on Monday, along with more information about the game, and it looks pretty scary.

B Excerpted from the bow sixAn evil parasite has taken over the science lab. (In general, scientists probably need to stop studying vicious animals inside labs, because that certainly isn’t going well.) Basis arc six siege, but without focusing on PvP combat.

expenses It is the name of the game – literally, but also in the sense of the gameplay. The point of the game will be when to push forward and try to go deeper into the lab, or when to cut your losses and get out of the shuffle with all your limbs connected. Another major issue is “Nobody is left behind,” which refers to the removal of survivors from the laboratory.

Six arch closure It was first introduced at E3 2019It was delayed due to the “increased development time”. With 2020 being the year of a pandemic virus and many people forced to quit, the name change seemed inevitable, and now it’s official – although Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed that’s the reason. لماذا The name is different. Ubisoft Forward will launch at E3 2021 at 14:00 EST on June 12, highlighting games like Watch Dogs: LegionPost launch extensions.


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