Type 2 diabetes warning.. 4 fruits that can raise blood sugar levels!


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Type 2 diabetes warning.. 4 fruits that can raise blood sugar levels!



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Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition in which blood sugar levels fluctuate constantly.

Type 2 diabetes means that the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to reach normal blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can have devastating effects on the body, so it is essential to find alternative ways to regulate blood sugar levels if you have type 2 diabetes.

Foods that break down slowly into blood sugar can have a marginal effect on blood sugar levels, but those that break down quickly can cause a spike in blood sugar.

Although eating fruits provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals, certain types of fruits can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

These types of fruits rank high on the glycemic index (GI) – a rating system for foods that contain carbohydrates – as the health website explains. CuraLife.

• Watermelon.

• Pumpkin.

• Pineapple.

• Dried fruit.

“The best fruits for diabetics to eat are those that are low in sugar,” explains CuraLife, such as:

• Orange.

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Foods that reduce the risk of diabetes

• the strawberry.

• Avocado.

• Sour cherries.

• pear.

• Apple.

• Peach.

• the banana.

• berries.

“Fruit contains fructose, which is a natural sugar, so eating it as a snack or dessert will satisfy you while providing beneficial nutrients,” CuraLife continued.

Dr. Sarah Brewer, GP and diabetologist, advises incorporating fruit into a plant-based diet.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes include:

• Urinating more than usual, especially at night.

• Feeling thirsty all the time.

• Feeling very tired.

• Lose weight without trying.

• Wounds that take longer to heal.

• Blurred vision.

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