Two warnings to the works and the Actors Syndicate due to the participation of “Al-Sharnoubi” in the play | Video


The legal advisor, Yasser Kantoush, who is entrusted with several files related to the case of producer Sarah Al-Tabbakh with the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, revealed when he presented two warnings, one for works, and the other for the Syndicate of Acting Professions, after announcing Al-Sharnoubi’s participation in the play “Yama in the bursa, Hawi”, presented by the artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani soon, directed by Majdi Al-Hawari.

In an interview with The Insider Program in Arabic on Dubai TV, Yasser Kantoush said: “I went to the works with an official warning to explain the matter to them, and the same words to the Acting Professions Syndicate with an official warning, and I waited for the responsible authorities to make a decision, but the decision to stop the play is not my decision.”

He added: “Professor Magdi Al-Hawari is a great director and has his name, and maybe he is after Sarah Aref’s lawyers, knowing all the small and large contracts between her and Al-Sharnoubi, and Aref Al-Sharnoubi, how did he leave him, and Sarah has the right and is sure of that. If you contract with Al-Sharnoubi, contract, but the contract is executed. What is between them and each other, and she is entitled to her right.”


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