Two Americans admit to helping Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan illegally


Two Americans admit to helping Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan illegally

Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn

The American father and son, Michael and Peter Taylor, have admitted helping former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn to escape from Japan illegally at the end of 2019, according to Kyodo News.

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Dutch court hands verdict on Carlos Ghosn

The two defendants face a prison sentence of up to three years if convicted by the Japanese judiciary, as Michael Taylor, a veteran of the Special Forces, and his son Peter, appear in a Japanese court for the first time, after the United States extradited them in March.

They are accused, along with a third partner of Lebanese origin, George Antoine Zayek, who is still hiding, of planning and carrying out the most daring escape from Japan for Ghosn, who has been holed up in Lebanon since then.

Ghosn was arrested in Japan, and after his release on bail he escaped in December 2019, probably hiding in an audio equipment box, avoiding a trial for financial embezzlement in Japanese courts.

The American judiciary arrested Michael and Peter Taylor in May 2020 under a Japanese arrest warrant, and the United States handed them over to the Japanese authorities in early March, after they had exhausted all the appeals available to them.

The former auto magnate (Ghosn), against whom an arrest warrant was issued by the International Police “Interpol”, remains far from the grip of the Japanese judiciary, as Lebanon is not bound by an extradition agreement with Japan.

Ghosn, who holds Lebanese, French and Brazilian nationalities, was arrested in November 2018 in Japan and faces four charges, two for deferred income that was not declared to the financial authorities, and two more for breach of trust.

Ghosn asserted his innocence of the charges against him and denounced the existence of a plot by some senior executives at the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan to bring him down.

Despite the absence of the main accused in the case, a criminal trial began last September in Tokyo against the former legal official in Nissan, American Greg Kelly, who was arrested in Japan on the same day with his boss Carlos Ghosn, who pleads his innocence.

Source: “AFP” + “Reuters”


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