Twitter launches “Review Tweet” feature


In a move that may be similar to the one that requires Twitter to add a service to edit tweets, Twitter launched, today, Sunday, the “Review Tweet” service, which allows users to preview their tweets for 30 seconds before actually posting them, and get an opportunity to correct or reconsider them. The new paid service, and it will be available in both Canada and Australia, to be obtained by the user for a monthly fee, to be included in the additional special features provided by the famous blogging platform. Twitter will also roll out another feature called “Reference Files” that will help organize your saved tweets. The “Tweet Review” feature is part of the Twitter Blue service, which allows the user to change the color of the Twitter icon and appearance within the application, and also provides a dedicated customer support team for him. Twitter Blue subscribers also get a Read Mode feature, which converts long threads of tweets into a single text for easier reading. Today, Twitter seeks to expand the space for a pound of money, after it has been providing its services for free for 15 years, after many technology companies entered the advertising market, which has become a more competitive and complex space. Its CEO, Jack Dorsey, launched this plan last July to expand revenue, which began with Twitter Blue, which costs 3.49 Canadian dollars and 4.49 Australian dollars, and was followed by Twitter’s acquisition of the company Skroll, which offers offers Ad-free for news sites for a monthly fee, and recently announcing a partnership with expert meteorologist Eric Holthouse for local weather news service Review, a newsletter product that the blogging site acquired in January ) the past.


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