Twitter launches a surprise.. Sharing tweets on Instagram is possible


No more need to take a “screenshot” of your tweets from Twitter, to share it on the Instagram application, as you can now publish it directly.

Twitter has solved a major crisis faced by a number of Instagram users who want to move tweets to their stories on the photo networking site.

Twitter was testing this feature last year, but with a limited number of users, and today it reaches all iPhone users around the world.

Also, you do not need to install a new Twitter or Instagram update to be able to use it, as it is available for use from today.

The feature is exclusive to iPhone phones only, and we may see it soon on Android, according to the Arab portal for technical news.


You can easily send tweets directly to Instagram, and it works just like other ways to share tweets across other apps.

This feature came after Twitter noticed that users were taking screenshots and then placing them in Instagram Stories. So you need to click on the share arrow below the Tweet you want to share.

But the sharing was via a screenshot only, which means that you cannot click on the tweet link until you go to its page.

It is expected that Twitter will provide this feature in the future as a way to attract users to it.

Twitter is constantly working to provide more features to its users, in order to attract new users and retain old users.


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