Twitter is redesigning its app to make Spaces the central tab


Twitter is trying to introduce a new tab dedicated to the feature Spaces on its mobile application for specific users.Woofka TechCrunch, will occupy the tab Twitter Spaces The middle spot in the main navigation bar between the Search and Notifications icons. This means that the navigation bar will now host 5 tabs instead of 4 tabs. This update will be released forTwitter Spaces for users iOS without others. Only 500 people will be able to test Spaces Demo and discover new custom tab for now.

For the uninitiated, it’s Spaces A new way for users to have live voice chats on the platform. The service is public, so anyone can join as a listener, even for people who aren’t added. Users of the app can also be invited to listen by sending them a direct link, tweeting, or sharing a link.

A new custom tab will make it easier for users to explore the service and keep track of live events. Users will find active spaces within the tab along with other details such as the names of spaces, hosts, and the people involved. The new tab will also help users manage reminders for scheduled spaces.

In other news related to Twitter, the social media platform has also started rolling out its premium subscription service, Twitter Blue, in Australia and Canada, which is a new monthly subscription service that provides people with exclusive access to various features for a small fee.


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