Tunisia announces its entry into a fourth wave of the Corona pandemic


belbalady.net, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat the Coronavirus in Tunisia, Dr. Amanallah Al-Masadi, announced that Tunisia has entered a fourth wave of the Corona pandemic.

Al-Masadi said in a statement to “Shams FM” radio that the number of patients residing in health institutions decreased to less than 2,000, but rose again to exceed 2,200 residents, and health experts in Tunisia expressed their expectations of a fourth wave of the emerging Corona virus, at the end of the month. June.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 49 new deaths from the Corona virus on Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country in March of last year to 12,623 deaths.

A member of the Scientific Committee to Confront the Corona Virus and Professor of Medical Resuscitation, Aman Allah Al-Masadi, warned that the influx of citizens abroad in the summer to the country could contribute to the spread of the virus more, suggesting that the arrivals would carry other strains of the virus with them.

He pointed out that the epidemiological situation in the country is still serious, and that the number of Corona victims residing in the intensive care and recovery departments is still high.

The resuscitation doctor urged citizens to exercise a sense of responsibility and take the utmost degree of prevention from the virus.

The Ministry of Health had confirmed earlier that the most prevalent strain in Tunisia is the British strain, while a few cases of infections with the South African strain were counted for citizens arriving from abroad.

It should be noted that Tunisia is making progress towards establishing collective immunity against the Corona virus by vaccinating 5 million people after the end of the summer.

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