Top tips to keep your nails healthy


A lady’s nails are a mirror of her elegance, so she must be clean and attractive. And that doesn’t just mean being beautifully decorated paint colors Or the drawings.. Rather, the cleanliness and health of the nails is the basis. In order to maintain the beauty and health of your nails, you must follow some practical instructions and tips that will protect them from damage and split ends.

Nail care steps:

nail care steps

1- Avoid biting your nails, because this will not only affect their appearance, but will also weaken them and make them look brittle. The rubbing of your fingers with saliva will transfer dirt and germs to your mouth. And if you do this involuntarily, you can put on nail polish that has a strong smell or an unpleasant taste to help you stop biting them.

2- dehydration problem It threatens your nails as well as your skin. Because nails are very sensitive and tend to break easily, you have to maintain their flexibility by using nail care products, whether cream or oils.

3- Trim your nails once a week. Nails are like hair, you have to trim their ends every once in a while so they grow faster. As well as nails, you should trim them weekly to help them grow.
4- Use a base polish for nails before applying colored polish to protect them, or you can use a nail primer, which is a new product that contains vitamins that nourish nails in addition to protecting them from polish.
5- Do not use paint remover that contains acetone Because the latter leads to damage to the nail and the skin surrounding it, and it also leads to dryness and thus becomes easy to break.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor

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