Tony Issa appears with Moatasem Al-Nahar, and thus he responded to the rumor of their disagreement


Some technical pages on social media circulated reports that there is a dispute between the Lebanese actor Tony Issa and the Syrian actor Moatasem Al-Nahar, as well as the following statement attributed to Issa: “Mutasem Al-Nahar is a fifth-grade representative in his country, and they impose it on us on screens every year, and they answer us, let us honor and close!” .

However, Issa denied that he had made this statement against his colleague Al-Nahar, and he also denied the rumor of his disagreement with him, confirming their old friendship.

In the same context, Issa and An-Nahar soon appeared in a joint video clip on “Al-Nahar Al-Arabi”, in which they denied the fabricated and sedition rumors, stressing their special and distinguished relationship.

Issa and An-Nahar appeared together in the scenes of the filming of the series “Zahra Salon”, so Issa started the speech by saying: “Everyone who tries to fish in murky waters, and for everyone who has a personal problem with me or my friend Mutasem An-Nahar, we would like to tell you that any journalist is bribed and any journalist tries to report some news. If it is related to health, it is forbidden to be a journalist.”

And Issa continued: “This is Mutasim Al-Nahar, this is my brother and my friend, and this is my friend, and this is Zalmi who raises his head in his country, our country, and the Arab world. Everyone is trying to make mistakes, what are you saying, Mutasim?” I know Tony from inside, what he is like. Before he was an actor, he and I met for a long time in Syria, and the experiences were repeated in Lebanon, and hopefully, these experiences will last a lifetime because I see my current situation there.”

Issa concluded his talk with An-Nahar by saying: “And I too, my beloved, see my condition in you. He turned to the disinterested, saying: “It requires clarification, thank you.”

They pointed out that they are currently filming their scenes in the series “Zahra Salon”, written by Nadine Jaber and directed by Joe Bouaid, in which actress Nadine Njeim will be the female heroine.


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