Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary Films


The opening ceremony of the 22nd edition of the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films will begin at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, at Tolip Hotel overlooking Lake Timsah in the Suez Canal, which will take place from June 16 and will continue until June 22.

Scriptwriter Mohamed Al-Basousi, head of the National Center for Cinema, revealed the features of the opening ceremony, confirming that the festival’s shield was handed over to Princess Mokhtar, the daughter of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, at the opening ceremony in appreciation of her artistic career.

The opening ceremony of the Ismailia Film Festival will witness the announcement of the details of the events over a continuous week, in addition to lyrical and show segments. On the sidelines of the opening ceremony, the Swiss film “Farah”, directed by “Julia Banter” will be shown.

For his part, critic Essam Zakaria, head of the festival, said: “The opening film, Farah, is a long documentary, whose events take place in “80 minutes”, as it paints a picture of modern Cairo and the society in which today’s generation must face the pressure of entrenched traditions and the cultural and economic turmoil that force Egyptian society is trying to rediscover itself through three different pairs socially, culturally and religiously.

The management of the 22nd session of the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films announced the locations of the film screenings participating in this session, where it is scheduled to hold film screenings this year in the Library of Egypt, the Tree Club, the Al-Dinfa Club, the “Al Nafoura Square” Garden, in front of the Ismailia Culture Palace, and the Open Garden. In the Tolip Hotel, this is in addition to the halls of the Ismailia Culture Palace.

Film critic Essam Zakaria confirmed that this year’s session will be different and distinctive, despite its being held in semi-exceptional circumstances due to the Corona pandemic that the world is witnessing, which has affected life in all its fields.

Zakaria added that, therefore, coordination was made to make the screenings of films participating in this session available to the public in a number of open spaces, in order to provide the greatest opportunity for the people of Ismailia to participate in the festival’s activities.

It is noteworthy that the Ismailia Festival is held annually by the National Film Center in Ismailia Governorate, and it is held this year with all preventive and precautionary measures taken to maintain the security and safety of the guests and all participants in the festival.

The Ismailia Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the Arab world and the first Arab festival that specializes in documentaries and short films, as its first sessions began in 1991.


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