To contribute to solving the shortage of supplies .. “Bush” opens a chip factory in Germany


Robert Bosch, a German manufacturer of machinery and auto components, has opened a factory for electronic chips in Germany with an investment of one billion euros ($1.2 billion), with the aim of contributing to alleviating the global chip shortage crisis and reducing Europe’s dependence on chip imports from the United States and Asia, according to Bloomberg.
The plant in Dresden, Germany, is scheduled to start producing chips that are used in electrical machines next month
The production of chips used in the auto industry will start within three months until next September.
Today, Bush said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will witness the official opening ceremony of the factory remotely.
Harald Korger, a member of the Bush board of directors, said that there is no quick solution to the shortage of chips because increasing production takes time… But it is certain that the new plant will help provide additional production capacity because every new chip that is produced is a good thing.
It is noteworthy that the lack of supplies of electronic chips in the world has led to disruption of production movement in many sectors, from electrical appliances to cars.
Krueger said the Dresden plant will provide supplies to customers around the world.
Bosch expects global demand for semiconductors to increase by 11% this year, bringing the market value of these products to more than 400 billion euros.


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