Tim Hassan longs for his fans with a picture from the last part of “Al-Hiba”


The Syrian artist Tim Hassan shared his fans, through his account on “Instagram”, a new picture from the scenes of the series “Al-Hiba”, in its last part, after the series’ makers decided to finish work at the fifth part, which is currently being filmed.

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Tim appeared with a distinct and different look from his previous pictures in terms of his hair and chin, and in his comment on the photo, he sent a message to his mother in the series, whose role is embodied by the able star Mona Wassef, saying: “You have lost his rival, my mother,” without referring to other details about the work.

The audience was eager to watch the last part of the work, and they interacted through the comments on the image, wishing success for the star Tim Hassan, and the work team, wondering when the fifth part was presented, which is surrounded by some mystery.

The Syrian actor, Owais Makhlati, interacted with the picture, despite his failure to appear in the fifth part of the work, and the end of his role in the work through the character “Sakhr”, which he described earlier as “farce”, wishing success for the artist Tim Hassan, saying: “With best wishes, my brother. ».

It is noteworthy that the series “Al-Hiba” in the fifth part is still surrounded by mystery, and many details of the work were not revealed, which is one of the most successful dramas that have been shown during the last five years. It has won a wide audience since the presentation of the first part, which It was starring the Syrian star Tim Hassan, and the Lebanese star Nadine Najim, who did not participate in the rest of the series with her colleague.


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