The youngest Egyptian singer in the Austrian opera.. she draws attention with an impressive performance


In December 2016, Egyptian Maryam Tahoun was preparing to stand in front of the audience at the Vienna Opera, when she was only 11 years old.

Mariam was able to sing distinctly, surpassing the others, which drew everyone’s attention, and they applauded warmly and praised her performance.

Mariam, who won first place in the Moscow International Competition, besides being the youngest Egyptian soprano at the Vienna Opera, always strives to be Egypt’s ambassador to the world.

She tells “Sky News Arabia” about her future dreams and the continuation of singing so that the whole world can hear her.

The 16-year-old says: “My original hometown is Bani Hilal, the center of Minya al-Qamh, Sharkia governorate, and I lived in Vienna with my younger brother Badr and my parents. I loved music since I was young, and I started singing in the opera at the age of 11 after joining the opera school, and at the beginning of singing in the choir, they noticed that I had a strong voice, I will then sing solo and participate in many famous operas with the most famous international opera stars.”

And she continued, “But the path is not easy. I am studying singing by a specialist next to the rehearsals, and thank God for what I have achieved, and I am proud that I am the youngest Egyptian soprano at the Vienna Opera in Austria.”

First Appearance

And Maryam Tahoun continued: “My first appearance on the Vienna Opera stage will not be forgotten. In December 2017, there was a children’s party named Hans and Gretel, and I was very happy because it was the first time I would sing in front of an audience and I was proud that I was the only Egyptian, and the audience’s reaction at that time was inspiring and encouraging, as they applauded.” The sharpness and praise of my voice compared to my age at the time, which was no more than twelve.”

And about winning first place in the Moscow International Competition, she explained: “I was very happy for two reasons, the first is that the competition is in Moscow, which is a country famous for music and art, and this is considered the achievement of winning first place, and secondly, that it came after difficulties, especially since the preparation and training began last October in light of a crisis. Corona, and the state was in a ban, and the training was difficult because the competition was double, meaning that two would play at the same time, but after winning all the challenges ended, and the victory came to be the product of constant fatigue and effort.”

best talent المو

And she confirmed the best talent in 2020 in her interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “My future wishes are to transform operatic singing from a hobby to a specialized study, and to continue playing the piano because it is the thing I love and to be the most famous opera singer in the world.”

And Maryam added: “The support of my father and mother is very great from the beginning in every direction, whether the material support from providing musical instruments, guitar, piano or violin, moral support and their constant encouragement, in addition to the time that two days provided, because in the beginning I was young and I could not go alone to learn with teachers or Going to the opera, he was always accompanying me and waiting for me until the end. Every father or mother must encourage children and take care of their talents, even if the child loves art, they should encourage and support him.”


Maryam sees in the Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum that she has a strong voice: “She is my idol in Egyptian singing. Her songs still live with us and continue to this day. As for operatic singing, my international idol is Maria Callas.”

Concerning reconciling studies, singing and playing, Maryam indicated that: “I got used to it since childhood, because the most important thing is to organize and to be aware of my appointments and obligations. I have a school on specific dates, and the opera and playing and singing classes on other dates. The most important thing is arranging the time, besides, I realized You have to love what you do to be successful.”

International parties

The youngest Egyptian soprano noted at the Vienna Opera: “In order for the Egyptian opera to join the ranks of international operas, it is necessary to benefit from other international experiences in this field, and to hold concerts for famous international operas, and I think that a new opera is now being built on the same level and capabilities of the world’s most famous operas, in The new administrative capital, and this is a great thing.”

The 16-year-old told “Sky News Arabia”: “I supported the people infected with Corona in a ceremony held in a church in the first district of the Austrian capital Vienna, and it was to collect donations to help the injured, and the maestro was a teacher in my school and asked me to join the choir despite my young age, to participate in Charitable work is free of charge, but unfortunately at the same party I contracted the virus, but I was cured of it.”


And the best talent in Austria in 2020 went on: “I speak Arabic distinctly despite my birth and living in Vienna, because my father and mother always speak with me and my brother in Arabic, and we watch Egyptian channels, dramas and Egyptian films. My father always used to talk to me about the importance of the Arabic language and tell me You must speak Arabic in order to know the language of your country and speak it when we travel there.”

Mariam sent a letter of thanks saying: “I would like to thank, besides my father and mother, everyone who supported me from inside and outside Egypt, and the Egyptian community in Austria, along with Professor Bahgat Al-Obaidi, founder of the General Federation of Egyptians in Austria, because he was one of the first supporters of me and the believers in my talent and always encouraged me despite I’ve never met him before.”


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