“The world forgets the brutal civil war in Syria” – British newspapers



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Children in a house of briquettes built by Turkey in Idlib, Syria, after forced displacement

British newspapers dealt with the Syrian crisis and ways to solve it, the new Israeli government coalition, and a new book that talks about Trump’s loss of the last presidential elections.

We start with an article in the Financial Times, entitled “The world is forgetting Syria, which is in grave danger.”

At the beginning of the article, the newspaper says, “It seems that a large part of the world has forgotten the brutal civil war in Syria, which is 10 years old and still capable of igniting chaos throughout the Middle East and Europe.”

She adds, “The international complacency that emerged after the defeat of ISIS is misplaced, as is the idea that fragile neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and even Turkey can be bought indefinitely, as sheds for 6 million Syrian refugees, and funding to help 6 million internally displaced Syrians.”


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