The world awaits Messi’s official position on the establishment of the Copa America in Brazil!


What will the flea decide?

In the next few hours, all the media are awaiting Lionel Messi’s final position on the 2021 Copa America being held in Brazil, and his response is expected to be very influential on the future of the competition.

The Brazilian national team had announced its refusal to hold the tournament on its soil, and its players, led by Casemiro, revolted, while Argentina and Uruguay announced the same thing.

But until this moment, Messi has not come out with a conclusive opinion on the matter, and the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” expected that the flea would speak after Wednesday’s match against Colombia in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Most likely, the 33-year-old will follow the example of the Brazilian national team and refuse to hold the tournament in samba countries, against the background of the terrifying outbreak of the Corona virus there.

The Spanish newspaper suggested that there would be contact between Messi and his close friend Neymar in this regard, and the Brazilian international who also revolted against the establishment of the tournament on Brazilian soil.

Not only Neymar, but Messi’s communication with Luis Suarez can be very influential due to the two’s closeness to each other, and the latter’s policy of refusing to hold the tournament in Brazil.

It is true that the Copa America holds great hopes for Messi so that he can bring him his first gold medal to Argentina, but Corona’s situation in Brazil may make him stand in line with the demands to cancel the tournament.

It is worth noting that the organization was withdrawn from Colombia and Argentina due to Corona as well.


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