The video of the mother of the journalist, Mustafa Al-Agha, surprised him with a rare gift to celebrate his birthday


Mustafa Al-Agha, the famous media figure, celebrated his 58th birthday in the presence of his mother, and many of his friends in the artistic and media circles were keen to congratulate him on this happy occasion.

Mustafa Agha celebrates her 58th birthday

Mustafa Al-Agha, through his account on “Instagram”, published a message in which he celebrated his 58th birthday, and the Syrian journalist wished that the years of his life would not be just a number, as he expressed his appreciation to all his fans, even his critics and envious, as he explained that this criticism is a great motive for him for excellence. And to continue his career, he also thanked everyone who congratulated him on this occasion.

Mustafa Al-Agha wrote: “On this day 6/6/1963 I came to this world, and how much I hope that I will not be just a number in it.. I am grateful for the love of some and the criticism of some and the grudge and hatred of some that pushed me to more excellence and giving according to my very humble capabilities and abilities. Very,..thank you to everyone who will write a good letter for me, and sorry for everyone I don’t like.”

A rare gift for Mustafa Agha from his mother

Mustafa Al-Agha, through his account on “Instagram”, published a video of him with his mother, who came to celebrate his birthday, and presented him with a rare gift, which is a hard copy of a report he wrote about him in the early years of his work at the station. mbcAnd a funny dialogue took place between Mustafa Al-Agha and his mother, who was surprised that she had kept this copy for more than 23 years, and he also asked her to pray for him and his wife.

Mustafa Agha said: “Today the mother came to attend my birthday, she gave me a gift when I was shining on the mbcAnd I kept this copy of the newspaper from 1998.” He also commented on the video he posted and confirmed that this gift for him is the most expensive, so he wrote: “The sweetest and most precious gift in my life, the day before my birthday, the most expensive gift I ever received.”

The stars congratulate the media, Mustafa Al-Agha

Mustafa Al-Agha, many stars of the Arab world were keen to offer him congratulations on this happy occasion, and among them was the artist Habib Ghuloom, who wrote a comment in which he said: “All life, Lord, and God willing, it will be a good year for you with health, happiness and peace of mind, Lord of the Great Throne,” as the artist wrote. Mirhan Hussein: “Who is the crazy person who doesn’t love you every year and you are good, beautiful and fine, may God protect you and protect you”, and the Iraqi star commented Tahsin’s tears and wrote: “Happy birthday, Lord, long life, health, wellness and more brilliance.” , Maguy Bogson, Nishan, Safa Sultan, Laura Abu Assad, Shukran Murtaja, Hala Shiha, and Maysoon Abu Assad.


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